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Protex Fasteners

Protex Fasteners

Schutties Fasteners – your one-stop shop for toggle clamps

Toggle Clamp

There’s a huge range of uses for a quality toggle clamp. Melbourne locals working in automotive repairs, woodworking, general mechanic work, DIY and more can now rely on Schutties Fasteners for all their toggle clamp, toggle latches, quick access latch and Protex latches purchasing.

A family-owned and operated business open since 1990, our experience across the full range of specific toggle clamp and latch parts retail means we have the variety and experience to offer what you need. Working with leading manufacturers like Stabilus and Protex, latches from Schutties are designed to deliver – whatever you’re using them for.

Don’t settle for less than the best, or for products that aren’t suited to your needs. At Schutties Fasteners you’ll be able to find the exact toggle clamp to suit you. Our clamps are not only versatile and easily adjustable, they also help to improve safety. Their handles prevent a loss of grip when grasping the clamps and the robust and sturdy design makes them perfect for using on rougher surfaces.

Fixing up a secure yet easy-to-use hatch for a trailer or ute? Need to properly clamp woodworking materials for your own precision and safety? Not sure if you need a toggle clamp with vertical action, horizontal action, draw action or plunger action? Whether it’s for Protex latches or toggle clamps, Melbourne’s leading manufactured parts provider is Schutties Fasteners.

Toggle clamps from nationally and internationally-recognised brands

Protex Latches

In the market for a local retailer in Protex latches? Melbourne-based Schutties Fasteners specializes in providing a range of quality Protex latches and Protex products – click through to our online PDF catalogue to browse our full range.

At Schutties Fasteners we know that acquiring the right tools for your trade can be expensive. That’s why we only stock the highest-quality over centre latches to keep your equipment safe. For our clients their tools and equipment are their livelihood, and having them go missing or become damaged through improper storage can do a tremendous amount of damage to their business.

With our line of Protex latches you can store your equipment securely when moving from site to site or overnight. Gone are the days of being let down by inferior products from untrustworthy manufacturers or suppliers. You be able to rest easy knowing that your tools are safely tucked away while still being easily accessible when needed. At Schutties Fasteners we supply reliable products that will work for you and your business.

At Schutties Fasteners we’re one of the most trusted distributors of high-quality Protex latches in Perth, Sydney and Brisbane. Tradies right across the country have seen the difference that working with a team of industry professionals makes. Don’t put up with sub-par latches and fasteners any longer, get the products that your business needs from our team of dedicated experts.

Schutties Fasteners – when it comes to Protex latches, Melbourne’s trusted seller is Schutties Fasteners.

Decades of experience, unbeatable product knowledge

Protex Latches Melbourne

A locally-owned and operated family business, open since 1990, Schutties Fasteners is a friendly service to turn to for your Protex latches. Melbourne locals can speak with us on-call at 03 9553 2032, or visit our Moorabbin location, to discuss the best option for them.

Our light and medium duty over centre latches are available in rigid, adjustable or spring-functioning options, while out heavy-duty stock comes in an adjustable option. It doesn’t matter how demanding task is or how strenuous the job might be, we have a latch that will meet any challenge.

We don’t just specialize in supplying Protex latches right across Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs. Our store room is packed to the brim with outstanding products from he most trusted of local and international manufacturers. We provide gas struts and springs, custom continuous hinges and adjustable over centre fasteners to multiple trades and industries.

Need Protex latches, or want to learn more about our extensive range of other first-class products? Melbourne-based Schutties Fasteners has got you covered – so browse our catalog today!

A range of applications – toggle clamps from Melbourne’s leading provider

Toggle Clamp Melbourne

In the market for a well-built toggle clamp? Melbourne customers, look no further than the Schutties Fasteners range. Selling a range of toggle clamps for a range of applications, you can have complete faith in the high-quality manufactured parts we provide.

Our selection of Protex toggle clamps come in a range of models, with vertical action, horizontal action, draw action and plunger action models available. When it comes to buying a toggle clamp, Melbourne locals can trust Schutties Fasteners – so call us today on 03 9553 2032.