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Schutties Fasteners Pty Ltd. – The Story

The word ‘ Schutties’ is derived from the name of the owners – Carl and Robin Schutt. And ‘shut’ is exactly what many of their products do. They close, fasten, shut, hold etc., items for manufacturing, industrial, architectural and motor industries.

Carl who is a trained draftsman had been a member of the Melbourne MFB for many years when an opportunity arose to start a small business selling top quality UK products under the Protex brand. Carl grabbed that opportunity and Schutties Fasteners Pty. Ltd was commenced in 1990.

Schutties operates in a very crowded market with a lot of big players but with Carl’s determination, work ethic, skill level and friendly personality, he has built a very successful and growing business in over 20 years of operation. There’s nothing Carl and the sales staff like more than solving each unique customer problem as they arise.

The business now imports product from the UK, China, Germany and India to complement their Australian suppliers and local manufacturing.

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