Advantages Of Dockslide

Dockslide is made from several specifically designed components, and uses Heavy Duty Docking Rubber 554. This allows both fitting and replacement in minutes. Most transport vehicles have docking rubbers fitted when the trailer or truck body is built.

The trailer or truck body manufacturer will fit the docking rubber in the quickest and cheapest method available to keep their costs to a minimum. This however costs the purchaser money in the long run. The more you fit to your fleet the more you save. Tell your body/trailer builder you want Dockslide® when ordering your next unit or retro-fit now. Some methods can be seen and the consequences of this cheap type of fitting.

This Dockslide was in service for over 5 years on a Woolworth’s delivery vehicle. The docking rubber was severely damaged over this time, however it was still functional and protecting the semi trailer. Even with this damage the locking plate and retainer are protected by the special and patented design.

The changing of the slide was achieved by removing the one locking bolt holding it in place. All dangerous occupational health and safety issues are eliminated. No dangerous knives to cut the rubber away, no dangerous grinding of bolts, no welding of new bolts etc. Best of all it only took one minute to take the old slide off and replace it with a new one. Hours of dangerous work, costly down time eliminated by Dockslide, pateneted world wide.

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Choose A Size

The 3 Dockslide® sizes are designed to fit most trucks and trailers and cover the broadest range possible. While we use standard Heavy Duty Docking Rubber 554, many different sizes and types are available on request. Click below to see the specifications.

Current Available In
  • 200MM
  • 400MM
  • 600MM